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Student Experiences at Deaf Events

10th Annual Canadian Chinese Association of the Deaf New Year Dinner
Feb. 5, 2011
It is always worthwhile to come early to this event.  It is great fun to say hello to Deaf friends and acquaintances and to introduce yourself to those you haven't met yet.  This is a great place for ASL Students to practice their ASL skills.

Pancake Breakfast
Fundraising Event for DCC 2010
We had a great time on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at the Pancake Breakfast
.  The staff lounge at VCC was very comfortable and the 50 or so people had a chance to mingle.  We saw old friends and acquaintances, as well as, had the opportunity to meet new people.  It was a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  People made a point of chatting with the ASL students and making us feel welcome.  If you have never attended a Deaf event, be sure to go to the next one.  The trip to Los Vegas was won by an ASL student who has just completed the full-time program and is entering the Douglas College interpreting program.  What a great experience to attend the Deaf Expo there.

Coffee Practice Night held on Feb. 18th.  We had a special guest.

Sandra joined us for coffee and came prepared with games for the Prep 2 students and stories rich with classifiers and NMS for the Intermediate students.  Some students who had had Sandra for an instructor in the past, were happy to see her again.  A few of the students had met Sandra at the Chinese New Year Luncheon.  In keeping with the Olympics, one of the students wanted to know how to sign "O Canada" in ASL.

Chinese Lunar Luncheon
"I had a wonderful time at the buffet.  My greatest joy was just observing and watching people interact.  I actually managed a bit of communication but I did feel very "uneducated" when it came to my skill level.  It was a great group of very friendly, sharing people." KHD Prep 2

"A huge smile welcomed us through the door and very patient people guided us through the afternoon of good conversation, great food and lots of laughs.  It did not matter your skill level; what mattered was that you tried.  I left with warm memories and a great contact!  I will definitely attend next year." SS Prep 2

"What a wonderful immersion into deaf culture!  It was an eye-opening, and TASTY!, experience.  I attended with a classmate.  The restaurant was huge, with lots of windows.  Tray after tray of delicious-smelling wonders greeted us as we were ushered past by the host to the special party room.  People of all nationalities were happily signing away at (what seemed to me) a furious pace.  Despite probably about 200 or more people who were filling the room, it was eerily quiet, except for the many outbursts of laughter.
    My friend and I were simply seated at the next available place for two, not giving us much of a chance to hook up with friends, but it gave us a chance to meet several new friends at our table!  Everyone was very kind and patient, especially the two people seated directly opposite us.  This led to many very interesting conversations, and the realisation that we knew a lot more than we thought we did!  This turned out to be a great confidence-booster!  As people from a mere Prep 2 level, this is invaluable. 
    Of course, there were some speeches and announcements during the course of the event.  It was far more interesting and less frustrating once the organisers realized an interpreter would be useful, not just for me as a learner but also for the non-signers attending. 
    Did I mention the food was great?!  Lots and lots of shallow trays, buffet-style, meant lots of frequent refills with wonderful, fresh, aromatic and interesting food.  There was even shellfish, kept very separate on its own long serving table from the many different versions of chicken, pork, beef, etc.  The vegetables were crisp, the sauces many, and the rice, of course, plentiful.
    It was well worth the price of admission, despite my long drive.  We were even rewarded with 'Lucky Money' (edible) Chinese New Year - style!  This is an event I'll look forward to attending again!!"  DB Prep 2

New Year's Eve Party
What a great way to bring in the New Year and to raise money for DCC!  The thirty-four guests who attended the party had a great evening which was sponsored by the Canadian Chinese Association of the Deaf.  People mingled, greeting old friends and meeting new ones. There was a delicious buffet followed by a magic show.  After the performance, several people told stories.  There were lots of door prized and a 50/50 draw. The auction was lively with people bidding against one another for items they wanted.  The auction was interrupted so we could all fill our glasses with a sparkling drink ready for the count down to 2010.  People mingled, clinking glasses and wished each other a Happy New Year. (sign HAPPY NEW YEAR with one hand).  The evening wound down with dessert and more conversation and 'good-nights'.  A group of Deaf Japanese tourist found out about the party through someone on the network and came at the end of the evening.