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Interpreter Courses & Eldridge Case

Interpreting Programs

Some of you are planning a career as an interpreter sometime in the future.  When planning your future goals, check out the Sign Language Interpreting program at douglas.bc.ca/sli.  Be sure to watch the vlog for more information and to practice your skills.

A course in Interpreting in Medical Settings Level I is being offered at Douglas College this summer.  (2010)

Having a medical interpreter available was not always a right shared by Deaf Canadians.  The Eldridge Case changed that.
When you attend Deaf events, you will see the Deaf Interpreters working hard to ensure that Deaf/blind understand the presentation.  See the  video of the International  Day of Sign Language Rights to see the Deaf Interpreter signing in LSQ (go to the Subpages Index).  Deaf Interpreting Level I is being offered at Douglas College by Nigel Howard.  Registration deadline is March 5th.   http://deafbc.ca/archives/3199

Interpreting in Medical Settings Level 1 Course
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This five day course will provide participants an opportunity to learn about anatomy and physiology in American Sign Language (ASL), with an emphasis on classifiers, as well as specialized terminology related to medical settings. In addition, students will analyze and practice interpreting the discourse used in medical settings. Class time will be interactive and hands-on, with lots of time for practice.

Dates:                          July 26 to July 30, 2010: Registration Deadline June 26 2010

Times:                         0900-1600 (30 Hours)

CRN:                            21084

Room:                         4206 – CTELL, New Westminster Campus, BC, 700 Royal Avenue

Tuition:                       $395


For RID Certified Members requesting Certification Maintenance Program continuing education units, contact (prior to the course): avlic@avlic.ca

Participants must be graduates of an interpreting education program or equivalent. For further information contact Nigel Howard: howardn@douglas.bc.ca


Nigel Howard, is an ASL instructor at Douglas College in the Department of Sign Language Interpretation and also coordinates ASL classes for Continuing Education.  He has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for ten years, often in medical settings, and co-developed and taught curriculum related to interpreting in medical settings at Douglas.  Nigel has a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and is completing his thesis for a Masters degree from the University of Bristol.

Janice “JJ” Lyons (formerly Jickels), is Head of Interpreting Services (Community Interpreting Services and Medical Interpreting Services) at Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  She has worked as a Deaf Interpreter for 12 years in a variety of settings, often medical. She graduated from the Douglas College interpreting program in 1998.

Karen Malcolm, has been an interpreter and interpreter educator for 25 years.  Her current work is focused primarily on medical and mental health settings, in which she has worked for 19 years.  She holds national certification as an interpreter (COI).  Karen is faculty in the Department of Sign Language Interpretation at Douglas College, and holds her Masters in Teaching Interpreting from Western Maryland College.


Registration & Information


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