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Deaf-Blind Triplets

The Dr. Phil Show featured the parents of the worlds only
deaf-blind triplets in Silent Darkness Follow-Up. Go to the archives for Monday, May 31st for the Dr. Phil Show.
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For the past two years, the family has not been able to find a qualified Deaf-Blind intervenor to work with their girls.  Although skilled intervenors were available in Canada, they could not work in the US.  Their job description was not recognized by immigration.  Although the girls are now ten, it appeared that they were approximately pre-school age when they were first introduced to ASL.  Prior to that their single mother was trying to cope on her own.

An experienced Deaf-Blind Intervenor who trains others in this field from the New Jersey area has
agreed to move to Texas to work with the girls for a year, as well as, train others to take over when she leaves.

Of the 75,000 Deaf-Blind people living in the US, approximately 10,000 are children.

The link below is an article by someone who used to work with the children.


Helen Keller

Many people know of Helen Keller`s early breakthough to communication through the stage play and later movie, The Miracle Worker.  Miss Keller went on to college, toured giving presentations and fought for many causes.

A realistic portrayal:



Movie Clips of Helen Keller



Movie of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, 1930 Newsreel Footage


My 9th grade National History Day project


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