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Interesting Books to put on your list.
The Canadian Dictionary of ASL 
Published in 2002
"Developed in conjunction with the Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf, this comprehensive new dictionary of American Sign Language (ASL) has over 8700 signs, many unique to Canada. Material for this extensive work has been drawn from many sources and includes input gathered from members of Canada's Deaf community over the past twenty years. The Canadian Dictionary of ASL offers clear illustrations and sign descriptions alongside English definitions, making it a valuable reference for Deaf and hearing users alike. Authoritative and up-to-date, The Canadian Dictionary of ASL will prove to be the standard reference for years to come."
Go to Books in sidebar to find more books on ASL and Deaf Culture.

The Mask of Benevolence by Harlan Lane discusses
the issues which impact the Deaf community.

Check out the new course offered at Douglas College by Nigel Howard,
Deafhood and the Global Community which begins on March 2, 2011.
This course will be offered again next Winter.

To learn more about "Deafhood" check out
Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood
by Paddy Ladd (click on title for link to Amazon.ca)

The American Sign Language Phrase Book is great for beginners. 
It may contain some American signs rather than the local or Canadian sign
but it is easy to adjust to this.

Go to Myshelf Books & Links in the Sidebar for more interesting books.
This is a wonderful resource of books which feature Deaf characters for book lovers of all ages.  There are also some interesting links to other sites of interest, including Gallaudet University Press, Deaf Today, and Laurent Clerc National Deaf.

A New Novel Featuring a Leading Deaf Character
My name is Mary Carter.  I am a certified sign language interpreter and novelist.  I wanted to spread the word that my latest novel, My Sister's Voice, has just been released and it features a leading Deaf character.  Please help spread the word!