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ASL Workshops

Workshops:  History of Deaf Community and Classifiers in ASL
The workshop held at VCC March 27, 2010 was so interesting.  Vincent Chauvet began the morning with the history of the establishment of Deaf Schools across Canada.  What stuck me was that they usually began with one or two very committed people who lobbied for government support of these institutions.  Over the next century, somestruggled to remain open while other were very successful. As you know many of these school have now closed or function with lower enrollments.  Vincent also discussed the amazing athletes who have been the pride of their Deaf community.  He discussed the formation of many of the Deaf Organizations which are still with us.  After lunch Julie Martin and John Warren discussed the eight types of classifiers and how they are used in ASL.  We later formed groups to take a written story and change it into ASL using classifiers.  It was a challenging exercise.  John Warren, with is talent, made it look so easy.   But rather than the humour of the story, the impact was seen in the clarity that ASL classifiers provide.  They are really the 'heartbeat" of the language.  Both the Deaf and hearing participants were impressed.  Thank to everyone who put on this workshop.  We are looking forward with anticipation for the next opportunity to have a workshop.  If you weren't there, don't miss the next one.  This was a wonderful workshop!