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Wonderful Announcement !!! 
Note:  the following free online credit courses are an amazing announcement for high school students. Make sure that you read this, and send it to your friends and family and the professionals in your deaf child’s life.   Over the years, one of the most popular questions asked us is how do students in B.C. learn ASL and get graduation credits at the same time?   This announcement below is incredibly exciting.  A huge thanks to Karen Taylor and her team at B.C. Provincial School for the Deaf Outreach Program for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students for working to put together the following online credit courses, which will benefit all deaf, hard of hearing students (and professionals) in British Columbia.  A big hand wave of thanks \0/ from FNDC to the Outreach Team and BC School for the Deaf!  This information will be posted on FNDC’s website at: www.fndc.ca so you can print the document out.
Intro American Sign Language 11 and American Sign Language 11 courses are now available online to all students in BC.
What are online American Sign Language courses?
These one-to-one online ASL courses prepare students who are Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing with no or minimal ASL background to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). The courses include ASL instruction, ASL evaluation, and Deaf cultural awareness components. Completing the Intro ASL 11 course is a prerequisite course for ASL 11 and covers all curriculum in ASL 9 and ASL 10. Completing the ASL 11 course will facilitate students moving more easily into established programs which will lead them to career advancement and/or enrollment in Vancouver Community College ASL courses and from there possibly the Interpreter Training Program at Douglas College.
The ASL courses will be accessed online through Burnaby Online website.
These online ASL courses support the student with textbooks, DVD, embedded video, as well as live interactive one-on-one video chats with the ASL teacher.
The ASL teacher will communicate through email and live interactive video chats to assess student learning through I-chat or Skype using a webcam.
·        endorsed by the Provincial Outreach Program
·        collaboration project of the Provincial Outreach Program, Burnaby Online, and Global Learning
Who can take the ASL courses?
·                  open to all students in BC, even BC students that are travelling out of the country
·                  adult students and international students may also take these ASL courses (for a fee)
·                  each student will need access to an internet connection, an Apple or PC computer, and a webcam
·                  completion of ASL 11 will provide a student with a second language to the grade 11 level that some post secondary institutions require on their application             forms
Who teaches the course?
How to find the ASL Course Descriptions and register:
·        Register through Burnaby Online Website: http://online.sd41.bc.ca
·        Click on ‘Courses’, then look under ‘Modern Languages’, then click on ‘Intro ASL 11’ to read the course descriptions for info about how a student is assessed        throughout the course as well as prerequisites
·        When a student wants to register, click on ‘Register Now’
·        There are many registration steps to follow which includes having the student complete an Admission Assessment Assignment (can be printed out and                  completed on paper), which needs to be handed/sent in with the completed student registration package to Burnaby Online. Once the ASL teacher marks the       assignment, the Admission Assessment Assignment mark will be added to the student’s future ASL course mark.
·        Please make sure that the registration package is complete before sending to Burnaby Online office, as the office does not accept incomplete registration              packages
When can students register?
·                  Registration is ongoing throughout the entire year. Once a student registers, they will be assigned a start date (within 4-6 weeks of registering). 
How long does the course take to complete?
·        The student may move through the course at their own pace, but the student must complete the course within 10 months. If a student wishes to complete the         course within a 4 month time period, they should be spending 8-12 hours per week on the ASL course.
How Much Does this Course Cost?  This course is free for students; however, there is a cost for adults..

Why Should a Student Take the Burnaby On Line Intro to ASL 11 and/or ASL 11 Course?
1.      It is live and interactive
2.      Assessments/evaluation and feedback by appointment
3.      Hearing, Deaf and Hard of Hearing students receive individualized instruction from the instructor
4.      The use of embedded video is designed to engage Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing students to support their learning
5.      Course credits are recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Second Language credit for high school graduation
What Benefits are there for adults taking this course?
  1. Special Education Assistants who work with children in the K-12 system can add to their repertoire of skills: communication support for children with communication disorders, sign supported speech for children with cognitive delays, autism and hearing loss
  2. Families can access this course to enable them to communicate more effectively with their children, siblings who have a hearing loss and/or who need sign supported speech using conceptually correct ASL signs
  3. Public/private employees working in banks, government offices, dentist/doctor offices etc can learn ASL to communicate more effectively with their clients/customers thereby promoting access
  4.  Students seeking summer employment enhance their opportunities for being hired
  5.  Speech and Language Pathologists and other professionals working with Deaf/Hard of Hearing children/adults can enhance their skills to ensure access and a quality delivery of service
Cost to Adult Learners:
The Ministry of Education has changed the guidelines on who can take courses at no cost.  All adult grads much pay fees for their course(s)--$550 per course + $100 book deposit, if applicable for your course.  If you have graduated and you were born before July 1, 1996, you will have to pay the fee for the course. 
BC Outreach Program for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students
Phone:  604 664-8300   or TTY 604 664-8304

Burnaby South also offers ASL as a language requirement for hearing students.  To my knowledge, there are no courses being offered to hearing students at a younger age.  If you know of any, please contact me.